Archery Geekery is an occasional blog about topics related to the mathematical, statistical aspects of archery, Everything from handicaps and classifications, to records and visualisation. This site was originally created as the development environment for the offcial ArcheryGB Handicap and Classification tables, and now hosts some tools for creating of handicap and classification tables, and a quick calculator, but more content and tools will appear all the time.

Recent Articles

  • Understanding the new ArcheryGB Age Groups

    Understanding the new ArcheryGB Age Groups

    In October 2022, ArcheryGB changed the standard age-groups that are used for target archery in the UK. The 5 previous age groups were supplemented by 3 new age groups bringing the total to 8. The addition of the 50+ and Under 21 groups brings the UK in line with the standard World Archery age groups.…