Master Bowman Tier Classification Claim Validator

This is just a very short post to announce the release of a new tool on the website to validate claims for Master Bowman, Grand Master Bowman, and Elite Master Bowman classifications. These awards require 36 dozen arrows to be shot at appropriate qualifying levels, depending on your category.

This simple tool lets you enter the scores you want to check, and will tell you whether they qualify for each of the different awards. This is a useful check to do before sending your official claim off to ArcheryGB.

The tool can be accessed here.




2 responses to “Master Bowman Tier Classification Claim Validator”

  1. John Prior avatar
    John Prior

    Hi I have recently applied for a 50+ MB award. I used scores that included some GMB level scores. I received confirmation that this claim had been excepted. This claim included 4 scores at MB level and 2 scores at GMB level.

    Having completed some more competitions I achieved x6 GMB scores 2 of which I had used for my MB claim.
    I have been told that I cannot us my GMB scores twice is this correct?

    1. Chief Geek avatar
      Chief Geek

      I don’t think that’s correct. The same score can be used to support multiple different claims – either claims for different classifications or claims in different eligible age-groups. This is quite common with juniors who often claim both an adult classification and a junior classification from the same scores.

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