Raw Data for the New Handicap and Classification Systems

This article is aimed at fellow archery geeks who are interested in the data behind the new handicap and classification systems. For non-geeks, this data is much more accessibly presented in the official tables, available from ArcheryGB, or from the links at the top of this page.

One of the key principles of the new handicap and classification systems is openness and accessibility. The old systems were not very accessible, partly because they were only distributed on paper, and partly because of some copyright restrictions.


More detailed information on the new handicap equations will be published in the future, but for now, here’s the next-best thing – the raw data. The links below give comma-separated-value (.csv) versions of the handicap data. Two versions of the data are provided

  • The standard handicap tables from 0-150 in 1-point steps
  • A super-precise table, from -20 to 150 in steps of 1/16th of point. This level of precision is useful for comparing across rounds, where a whole handicap point might cover multiple scores, and the negative scores allow this at some of the world-class levels below the scratch-point.

Single step handicap data (CSV)

Precise Handicap Data (CSV)

Handicap tables for both official rounds and custom rounds can be created using the ArcheryGeekery Custom Handicap Tables page and Handicap Tools page


The rules behind which round/category combinations have classification scores need some thorough explanation so will be the subject of some further publications in the future.

In the meantime, the following CSV file contains the entire set of classification scores. The format is self-explanatory, with the first column representing the classification level (1=Archer 3rd Class, 9= Elite Master Bowman). This data would allow anyone making a scoring app, or records management tool to incorporate the 2023 classification system.

In total, there are 23,076 rows of data in this file, representing all the valid scores that can lead to a classification in the new system.

Classification Data (CSV)



5 responses to “Raw Data for the New Handicap and Classification Systems”

  1. Brian Belfield avatar
    Brian Belfield

    What about raw data for indoor classifications?

    1. Chief Geek avatar
      Chief Geek

      Indoor data has now been added to the downloads linked on this page. Just refresh and download again.

      1. Brian Belfield avatar
        Brian Belfield

        Sorry Chief,

        I can still not find the Indoor Classifications in the classifications link,
        just the original 23,000 of outdoor classifications.

        1. Chief Geek avatar
          Chief Geek

          Oops. Didn’t push that update correctly. Fixed now.

          1. Brian Belfield avatar
            Brian Belfield

            Yes Chief,

            Thank you very much!

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