Classification Table Generator

This tool allows you to generate classifcation tables for a custom set of rounds and categories of archer. The resulting tables are formatted as printable pages (although you may need to adjust the scale % in your print settings to make sure each fits on a single page. These personalised tables are an idea thing to print (and maybe even laminate!) and keep in with your kit, and easier to consult that the official tables in the Shooting Administrative Procedures

Classifications are calculated using the handicap system - for each category, and each classification level, a handicap level is defined which determines the scores for each round. A separate set of rules determines which rounds are eligible for each category of archer.

Archer Categories


York;  Hereford / Bristol I;  Bristol II;  Bristol III;  Bristol IV;  Bristol V
St. George;  Albion;  Windsor;  Windsor 50;  Windsor 40;  Windsor 30
New Western;  Long Western;  Western;  Western 50;  Western 40;  Western 30
American;  St. Nicholas
New National;  Long National;  National;  National 50;  National 40;  National 30
New Warwick;  Long Warwick;  Warwick;  Warwick 50;  Warwick 40;  Warwick 30
WA 1440 (90m);  WA 1440 (70m) / Metric I;  WA 1440 (60m) / Metric II;  Metric III;  Metric IV;  Metric V
Long Metric (Men);  Long Metric (Women) / Long Metric I;  Long Metric II;  Long Metric III;  Long Metric IV;  Long Metric V
Short Metric I;  Short Metric II;  Short Metric III;  Short Metric IV;  Short Metric V
WA Standard Bow
WA 900
WA 70m;  WA 60m;  WA 50m (Barebow) / Metric 122-50;  Metric 122-40;  Metric 122-30
WA 50m (Compound);  Metric 80-40;  Metric 80-30

Indoor Rounds

Bray I;  Bray II;  Stafford;  Portsmouth;  Portsmouth Compound;  Bray I Compound;  Bray II Compound;  Stafford Compound;  Worcester;  Vegas (Triple Face);  Vegas (Triple Face) Compound;  Vegas 300;  WA 18m;  WA 25m;  WA 18m Compound;  WA 25m Compound